Brief description of the label. Who founded it, when, period active, genres, notable acts etc. Keep it simple, though.

Mia Kat Empire


This is the space to provide a detailed history of the label. Maybe the story of how it formed, notable dates, members coming and going, the breakup. Tell the story here.


List of pertinent web outposts for the label. Start with official site, and then list any relevant outposts that it may have.

Affiliated ActsEdit

This section can have Current and Former sections, if the label is active. Current Roster

  • Band A [linked to profile]
  • Band B, etc.

Former Members [if applicable. Place artists that aren't actually signed to the label here]

  • Band J [linked to profile]
  • Band K, etc.


Start with official releases, sorted chronoligically.

Add a separate list here for unofficial releases, if applicable.


Links to press articles about the label.


Just like the real deal. Citations are cool, people. Please use them.

External LinksEdit

Again, like the granddaddy of them all. Use this section for links [duh] that don't fit in any of the above categories.

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