Sample Album Page
Brief description of the album. Who put it out, when it was released, etc. Then click the puzzle piece to edit the album info template.

Recording NotesEdit

This space can be used to tell stories & other minutae about the recording process. Any notable techniques can be entered here.


Self-explanatory, no? Use a table, if you like.


Slap in a slideshow of the artwork here. Front cover, Alternate covers, back covers, inserts, etc.


This should be broken into the following categories. Band

Production crew

Artwork, etc.


Were there singles? Were there music videos made for any of the songs on the album? Put all that here.


Links to press regarding this album.


Just like the real deal. Citations are cool, people. Please use them.

External LinksEdit

Again, like the granddaddy of them all. Use this section for links [duh] that don't fit in any of the above categories. If the album has a listing on, please put that here. That'd be super sexy.

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