Sample Person Page
[This page style should be used for any person listed in the wiki - band members, solo artists, producers, pretty much anyone that deserves a page.]

Brief description of the person. When & where they were born [and died, if applicable]. Quick list of affiliations [bands, studios, labels, etc.]. Click this puzzle piece to edit the box.


This is the space to provide a detailed bio of the person.


This is where you should talk in detail about the person's involvement with various bands, their solo career, their involvement with labels, studios, venues, etc.


List of pertinent web outposts for said person. If they have an official site, list it here. Artists with solo projects should have those links in this section.


Start with official releases, sorted chronoligically.

Add a separate list here for unofficial releases, demos, etc.


Here's the spot where you can insert a slideshow of photos of the said person. Select it from the Insert menu at the top. Please don't overload this slideshow. If you are aware of galleries that exist elsewhere on the internet, you can link to those here.


Provide links to videos with this person here.

For solo acts, please utilize the following categories.

Official Music Videos

Live Performances

Other [Interviews, etc.]

Flyer VaultEdit

This space is to be used for a slideshow of show flyers, if applicable.


Links to interviews, album reviews, show reviews, etc.


Just like the real deal. Citations are cool, people. Please use them.

External LinksEdit

Again, like the granddaddy of them all. Use this section for links [duh] that don't fit in any of the above categories.

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